Yolande D'Mello

Yolande is a journalist by profession and a dreamer by choice. She’s worked with newspapers such as Times of India, Mumbai Mirror, DNA and MiD DAY during a five-year stint. In her free time, she likes to rhyme about killer robots and dance with her eyes closed.

Devashri Vagholkar

Devashri is a mechanical engineer from VJTI. Loves to learn new things and meet new people, interested in art and engineering. Volunteer at Maker's Asylum, Mumbai. Her work at the space includes documenting activities and covering stories on makers. She is found playing with the machines and tools at the space in her free time.

Namita Mohandas

Namita is a UX, product & design specialist who worked with a Serious Games startup called Indusgeeks for 6 years. She often feels her best friends are books and is currently trying to learn more about the role of technology in education. She ⊇ boardgames, bookbinding, cocktails, grandma cooking, spreadsheets and stitching.

Sania Shaikh

Sania works with at Creatyst. It is her job to evangelise and collaborate with artistes from around the world. She calls herself an amateur storyteller. Her other passions include design, photography and videography. Her past boasts of a post graduate degree in business management and her work experience includes an education-tech start-up called Ion Education.

Utkarsh Kumar Gupta

Utkarsh is an Electrical & Electronics Engineer. He has designed & developed many projects including an LCD Projector and an Air Conditioner, winning technical events nationwide. A strong believer in recycling, he finds a way to reuse pretty much everything. From tiny cellphone stands to a full size bench, he has re-used scrap to make it all.​


Jatan Mehta

Jatan is a Hardcore Science lover and an overwhelming Space enthusiast. Baffled by Nature's imagination, he is learning Physics as a post-grad at Mumbai University. In short, he is just another curious ape.

Gopinanth Marappan

Gopinath is a software engineer by trade. As a Maker, he prefers to dabble in electronics, design, home automation, robotics and drones.

Aditya Brahmabhatt

Aditya Brahmabhatt received his Masters degree in Management of Technology from the school of Engineering at NYU and has a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. While at NYU he was awarded the Presidents Service Award for continued dedication in fostering collaboration among all NYU communities and developing a community of design thinkers and mindful innovators. Aditya’s interest in solving social problems has led him to work on projects in diverse fields such as food security, women’s empowerment & economic advancement of youth from slums. A firm believer of systems thinking, Aditya believes that social entrepreneurship is the key to solving the worlds major issues.

Coby Unger

Coby Unger ​is a maker of things and a connoisseur of high fives. His background is in woodworking, product design and mess making. He studied Industrial Design at Philadelphia University and spent seven months as a resident artist at Autodesk’s Pier 9 Workshop. Coby prides himself on being a professional amateur, and dabbles in many fields. In his design practice he likes to supplement his more ser​i​ ous work with playful and humorous projects. His recent endeavors include participatory youth-lead design-build projects, assistive technology, and low cost prosthetic devices, as well as playful public furniture, a remote control shark fin and a toilet-top garden. Currently he is living in Pondicherry and working for Prakti Design Lab​,​ designing efficient biomass stoves and accessories for cooking (and actively looking for an appropriate venue to make something funny again​)​.

Mahesh Venkitachalam

Mahesh Venkitachalam is an electronics hacker and programmer based in Bangalore. He is the author of the upcoming book Python Playground (No Starch Press, USA), and maintains a blog on electronics, microcontrollers and programming at

Dhairya Pujara

Dhairya is the Founder, CEO of Ycenter — a higher education, social innovation enterprise working across three continents. Ycenter works with American university students on creating community centered projects in Mozambique, Africa. In India, Ycenter works on imparting Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship education through experiential program called India’s NEXT40. Dhairya is a Global Shaper at World Economic Forum, a Global TEDx organizer and a public speaker on topics of entrepreneurship and international development. He blogs at The Huffington Post, Mentor and Teacher for Social Entrepreneurship at Watson Institute Philadelphia and have received an Extra-ordinary individual Visa from US government. Dhairya started his first company at the age of 19 in Mumbai, India.

Guruprasad Kuppu Rao

Guruprasad Rao is the Director – Technology & Operations, Imaginarium India Pvt.Ltd, the largest AM service bureau in India. Mr.Rao holds BE in Mechanical Engineering and 2 Masters ( M.Tech & M.Des), is also design researcher at IIT Bombay. He has over 28 years of diverse Industrial and academic experience having worked in Titan, Tanishq, Crompton Greaves, and was a professor of Design at IICD, JSSATE and besides design consulting. He is a trained Bal Bhavan instructor and was teaching painting to children in Bangalore. He has been promoting AM applications through talks, seminars and as a member of many task forces and national consortiums. He is a task force member FICCI on 3D printing. As an accomplished product designer, has bagged 3 Gold medals and a number of patents, Design registrations to his credit. He is currently working on building Imaginarium Academy to augment skill needs for a better 3D ecosystem and on medical applications of 3D printing. His hobbies include Painting, Sketching, clay modeling, Electronics, HAM Radio, Astronomy, Cooking, Jewellery Design, Photography and model making. He lives in Mumbai with his wife Dr.Nandini and son, Pranav Rao.

Anshuman Das

Anshuman is a postdoctoral associate in the Camera Culture Group at the MIT Media Lab and the MIT Tata Center for Technology and Design. Anshuman is interested in creating rapid diagnostics that are smart, predictive, accessible and will improve the way diagnostics are carried out. Within the health diagnostics field he is exploring intersections with health diagnostics and optics, lasers, UV-VIS and Infrared spectroscopy. He is also interested in super-resolution optical imaging and soft matter based optical elements. He is currently working on smartphone bases skin imaging, electrical and optical sensing of infections, wide-angle endoscopy and designing smart otoscopes. Before coming to MIT Anshuman received his Ph.D. from JNCASR in India where he researched on organic solar cells, microlasers and polymer optics.

Ravi Parmar

Ravi is an electronics and telecommunication engineering student from LT college, Mumbai. His hobbies include making and photography. He believes in learning through doing. It all started two years ago when he explored David Lang's book Zero to Maker. He is also currently working on a Spectrometer, a device that can detect chemicals from substances, as part of his final-year college project.

Debasish Dutta

​ Debasish Dutta is a DIY hobbyist by passion and a power Engineer by profession. He received his B.Tech from College Of Engineering and Technology, Bhubaneswar and his M.Tech from NIT Durgapur. Debasish is an active contributor to Instructables, Hackaday and Seeed Studio. Most of his projects are featured on Instructables. Apart from this, his projects are published on Arduino, Adafruit Industries, Make Magazine, Design News, Atmel and so on. He won 13 contests conducted by Instructables and many more prizes from Hackaday and Seeed Studio. His recent project (MPPT Charge Controller) is a semifinalist in 2015 Hackaday Prize. Most of his works are related to Solar Energy and Arduino. Based in Baripada, Odisha his main goal is to provide basic need of electricity and improve the socio-economic positions of rural people. So he works hard to make open source product to generate, harvest and store clean energy. He has a website ( ) dedicated to creating green energy and sharing it with the world.

Sebastien Garcin

​Sébastien Garcin is a French product designer who studied in Pune and Madrid. He loves being involved in every step of the design process and hence decided to learn about materials and techniques so he can build his own product.

Ruchira Sawant

Ruchira is a 1st year B.Sc student from KC college. She is a hardcore science lover who believes that their is a science behind everything in the world and tries to find it out. She is always eager and enthusiastic to learn and make new things, meet different people from different fields , exchange knowledge and expand her horizon. She considers books as her best friends. Her other hobbies include Dancing, Acting, Writing, Astronomy, Tinkering.

Suryansh Sharma

Suryansh is a 19 year old aspiring inventor who is currently pursuing his in Electronics. Insanely curious about the world around him, he loves DIY and the spirit of making! When he’s not tinkering around or lighting his house on fire he loves to travel, research and eat. He also thinks dessert can solve any problem.

Urvi Talaty

A traveler who loves discovering sights, sounds and stories in this little earth we call home! When she is not on the move or blogging about her escapades, Urvi is also a dedicated chemical engineering student who aspires to one day turn environmentalist and save this planet from a near certain annihilation. Urvi loves to dance, DIY, craft and is an avid supporter of the Maker movement! She loves innovation and technology and is one of the biggest Harry Potter fans you will meet in all of the Seven Kingdoms.