Make a flapping bird

Origami is the ancient art of paper-folding. Part-I of our series introduces you to the flapping bird

​In 2009, origami artiste Himanshu Agrawal along nine students from IIT-Bombay spent 12 hours folding one sheet of paper measuring 35 feet x 35 feet to create a 20-feet high origami giraffe. It set the Limca world record for the Largest Origami Giraffe.
Watch the origami master in action.

We thought we’d start with something simpler — the flapping bird. Follow the steps in order, left to right.
 IMG_20150826_173938 IMG_20150826_174029 IMG_20150826_174045 IMG_20150826_174107 IMG_20150826_174124 IMG_20150826_174137 IMG_20150826_174148 IMG_20150826_174204 IMG_20150826_174221 IMG_20150826_174241 IMG_20150826_174309 IMG_20150826_174335 IMG_20150826_174345 IMG_20150826_174412 IMG_20150826_174433 IMG_20150826_174453 IMG_20150826_174509 IMG_20150826_174530 IMG_20150826_174548
Good job!

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