Making a bird house

First we learn to build a miniature cabin; then a real one

My colleagues posted an online link of a Dr Zeus log cabin that someone had created in real life. Inspired by the post, and with the encouragement of the community, I took it upon myself to build a miniature version of the cabin.

Step 1: Sourcing

I began by scrounging for materials at the Asylum. I found 2 small plywood sheets which were 3mm thick. It was perfect for what I had in mind.

Step 2: Mark and cut

I measured and marked the lines needed for cutting. Most of this was freehand drawing. Using the jigsaw, I traced the lines I had made earlier to get a precise cut. TIP: It’s really helpful to mark your lines before you begin with the jigsaw, it ensures not just ease in cutting, but guarantees a precise cut. The front and back panels of the cabin were to be of the same dimension, so I cut out two identical shapes from the plywood. It took a bit of finesse as the shape I intended to cut was curvy and tapering so be patient and take your time.

Step 3: Cutting

The side walls were easier to cut since they were a simple rectangular.

Step 4: Glue the pieces together

The plywood I had available was too thin to be nailed together. So, I chose to use a quick bond solution to join the pieces together. If the wood you are using is thick enough, you can use nails. Basically, think about whether the wood is thick enough or the nail will go through to the other side. If the nail goes through, that doesn't work.

Step 5: Door

For the door of the cabin, I chose to use strips glued together instead of a solid piece of wood. I began by making lines for the strips. I then cut out those strips, again using the jigsaw.

Step 6: Hinge for door

I wanted the door to open instead of using one just for show. A piece of thick paper worked as a hinge. I attached it to the rest of the structure.

Step 7: Jugaad In Action

A hinge has two parts, one is fixed on the non-moving structure and another is the moving part which is the door or window. Here, instead of buying a hinge, we used a Jugaad technique. Use a piece of thick paper (card stock) half pasted on the door and half on the cabin structure. This is how it works.

Step 8: Roof

I chose to go with strips again, joining them with a quick bond solution. With that, our structure was done.

Step 9: Varnish

I added a cost of clear varnish as finishing touches. And our miniature cabin in the woods was done!

Step 10: Viola!

We're home.

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