Turtle Barbecue

A cleaner, healthier barbecue in a fraction of the cost and time.

Our friend, Abhinav at The Maker’s Asylum, Delhi, is a huge barbecue fan (who isn’t)! But he decided he doesn’t have the patience for how long it takes to cook the food. So he tried attaching a computer fan to the barbecue to make it efficient and cleaner. It worked, and he ended up having an impromptu BBQ party at the space!

What’s more, it cost him only about Rs. 900 ($14) to build this. Why is it called the “Turtle Barbecue”? Take a look at the picture – the wok looks like a turtle shell!

He shares how to get started on this build;

Step 1:


  1. Two pans/woks: must be weldable. He used a cheap pan, used for gardening. Avoid using pans made out of GI sheets.
  2. A Fan: from an old PC: or you can even get it off the shelf. In case it comes with an aluminum heat sink, you can remove the fan and put it here.
  3. A steel mesh: for the grill, preferably stainless steel. The one used is meant for building fences and is made of mild steel.
  4. A steel tube: diameter around 100mm and 300 mm length.
  5. A finer mesh: to prevent the coal from coming through the air tube.
  6. Steel tubes: to make the legs. This one uses rods, but they aren't stable, so steel tubes are recommended.
  7. Hand tools, welding equipment, hand grinder, cut off saw, marker, snip etc.


Step 2:


1. Grind the tube to match the profile of one of the pans. This takes a bit of skill!

2. Weld the tube to the pan. First put 4 tacks along the periphery, and then weld it all the way.

3. A welding seam will appear on the other side of the pan. Increase the current of the welding machine so that it melts through the metal. This will make our air tube.

4. Cut out the steel mesh by placing the pan on it and marking with a marker. You can weld, or use a snip or grinder for this step.


Step 3:


1. Insert the fan into the other side of the tube. You can use some insulating material like sandpaper to fill up the gaps. After using the grill, we realized that the tube does not heat up, so the fan can even be directly mounted on the metal tube.

2. Place it on a stand. Try using tubes instead of rods, they are more stable.

3. Cut out a piece of fine mesh and put it inside the other end of the tube, inside the pan.

4. Weld a handle on the other pan/wok.


Step 4:


1. Connect a 12V power source to the fan.

2. Put some charcoal and fire.

This barbecue burns much faster and better due to the fan. We loved cooking on it, hope you enjoy making and using it too!

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