How is eucalyptus oil distilled?

The next time you rub eucalyptus on your belly, you will know just how it was manufactured

We’ve all had grandma tell us that crazy number of benefits that eucalyptus oil gives us. But have you ever wondered how it is manufactured?

On holiday in Cunoor, we got to see the process firsthand.

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How it’s manufactured

Dry leaves are placed in a distillery, the lids are placed on them and clamped into position to ensure a good seal.  It is boiled, here using coal.

Steam rich in extracts are then carried over into modern stainless steel condensers filled with cool water.

Here, they are condensed into a mixture of oil and water. Oil is heavier than water hence the mixture separates. The eucalyptus oil being lighter than water floats to the surface and is decanted off.  The yield of oil varies but averages about 1% of the biomass harvested.

It takes 5kg (12lb) of leaf and twigs to produce enough oil for a 50mL bottle of eucalyptus oil.

The oil is later redistilled to remove any impurities, leaving an entirely natural organic product.  No artificial additives, aromas or flavourings are used.  No pesticides or fertilisers are used.

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